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Damage to your Mendham roof can often be repaired without having to replace the roof. Damage to your roof that may require nothing more than a roof repair might include a few missing shingles, and even larger structural repairs such as bulging areas, warping, or areas of damaged wood or underlayment.

Some signs that the asphalt shingles on your Mendham roof have aged and may need to be replaced include cracking, curling, cupping, flaking, or discoloration. Also look for indications of corrosion, moss, or fungus. Remember, roof damage can lead to roof leaks, mold, and mildew. A leaky roof is inconvenient for you and your family, and can be destructive to your Mendham home or business. And leaks can travel; that leak in your kitchen ceiling may actually originate from your roof on a different side of the house (or even from your chimney).

Reliable Roof Repair in Mendham NJ 07945

At American Sons Professionals, we have the skill and experience to repair your Mendham asphalt shingle roof, no matter how large or small the job may be. We take pride in our commitment to provide you with the highest level of service, and a job that's done right the first time. Mendham homeowners trust the roof repair experts at American Sons Professionals, which is why most of our work comes from customer referrals and word of mouth!

Faulty roof installation will dramatically increase the likelihood of problems and reduce a roof system's life expectancy overall. In fact, shoddy workmanship is one of the more common reasons for roof repair down the road. At American Sons Professionals, we also provide roof installation and roof replacement in Mendham NJ 07945, with the same high level of service that Mendham homeowners have come to expect from us!

Roof Replacement in Mendham NJ 07945

Many problems with your Mendham roof can be remedied with roof repair, but there are times when a roof replacement is the better alternative. While no one likes the idea of an unexpected roof replacement, not every issue can be repaired. Your safety and peace of mind are important to us, so a roof replacement may be the better choice if the damage to your Mendham roof is extensive, or your roof is very old. Rest assured that we'll always suggest the most cost-effective solution for your roofing needs. We understand that the replacement of your Mendham roof is a major expense, so we're always happy to give you a detailed estimate of what needs to be done so you can work it into your budget.

Our Mendham Roofers are Highly Skilled in Both Roof Repair & Roof Replacement

If you're in need of Mendham Roofing Services, American Sons Professionals is the Mendham roofing contractor to call for all roof repair and replacement. We have over two decades of experience in Mendham residential and commercial asphalt shingle roofing, and we will discuss the roof replacement process and costs with you, and happily answer any questions you may have.

Hidden Opportunities Resulting from Replacing Your Mendham Roof

While it can be an inconvenience to have to replace your Mendham roof, there may be some hidden opportunities:

Top Quality Mendham Roofers

American Sons Professionals is the roofing contractor to call for all your Mendham roof repair and replacement needs. Why?

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Whether your Mendham roof has been damaged due to harsh weather (rain, wind, hail), snow and ice (which can lead to ice damming, a situation resulting from poor attic insulation where ice can block melting snow on your roof, leading to leaks), punctures from falling branches, damage from animals and other pests, aging shingles, areas of rotted wood, cracked plumbing vents, damaged chimney flashing, and much more... the Mendham Roofing Contractors at American Sons Professionals can help! Call us for Roof Repair and Replacement in Mendham NJ 07945, at 201-396-5509, 973-330-1958, or 908-463-4204.

“Five-star service! Working with Sammy of Absolute Sons was an absolute pleasure. He gave us helpful suggestions and options when giving us the quote to replace our roof, was responsive to all our questions and made everything easy and affordable. Thanks to Sammy, our whole experience from start to finish was stress free and no pressure. The roofing crew was professional, fast, and did a great job replacing our roof and gutters. We are very happy with the way it turned out and would highly recommend American Sons Professional Roofing to others in Mendham and neighboring areas.”
Anita Frazier - Mendham, NJ Roofing Customer
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